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"A Secret Untouched"

36" high x 24" wide on gallery-wrap canvas


A note from the Artist,,

I just wanted to let my clients and collectors know that the last few months I had to take off due to health issues but I am back in the Studio again and new works will be available on a regular basis.

It is SO good to be back! 


Tracy Root


Early Spring Growth

Along The Thames 


oil on canvas


Through theGateway.jpg


Through The Gateway, 

18 inches wide x 24 inches high

oil on canvas




"Oasis in the County (Kent)" 

20 inches wide x 16 inches high

oil on canvas


"Storm Incoming Over Chatham Field"

9 inches wide x 7 inches high

oil on canvas


"A New Day",  24 inches wide x 36 inches high oil on canvas


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